The Refined Fonepay Website

The Refined Fonepay Website

Fonepay is a well-known interoperable network in Nepal that links the country's economy and helps us become more digital with our finances. It is licensed by the central bank as a Payment Service Operator (PSO). It builds a country-wide network with 63 partners, 620k+ merchants, and 16m+ users.


Fonepay is tied up with multiple international partners, commercial banks, development banks, finances, payment service providers, and co-operatives. Connecting all of them and creating a network for the ease of customers and merchants, has helped increase operational efficiency all over the digital network.


What's New?

Fonepay already had a website but it needed a bit of rework. They wanted to make the website more appealing with better detailing by creating more descriptive headers and sub-headers. The overall intention was to give the users a better experience.


The existing fonepay website was upgraded to a new product-oriented website layout with a much better user interface and user experience than the current site being constructed.


Looking at it from the design perspective, almost everything has changed comparing it with the old website. A lot of changes were made visually, most of which are easily visible to the users like the intro motion that is showcased on the homepage of the website. It shows the network Fonepay has been able to establish with users, BFIs, partners, and businesses.


Moving further onto the website, noticeable structure changes were made and services were segregated in a detailed manner as well. Another observable addition was the switch between two languages: English and Nepali for a better understanding and convenience among the audience. Steps for using each Fonepay feature and the whys of it were also listed.


Overall, the website was made more user-friendly, keeping things simpler and all the necessary information easy to access.


Deep Dive into The Technicalities

Moving into the depths of things, let us talk about the noticeable development changes that occurred. Users had to search for pages, and the navigation did not include all of the relevant pages. When compared to the previous website, the user navigation was greatly improved.


New modules such as Notice, Reports, and Blogs within the website. The old website missed the Notice and Report options. Likewise, the blogs were redirected to a different subdomain as This time we centralized everything under the same domain name.


Similarly, reliance on technology was dramatically decreased. The former site was created using three separate programming languages, resulting in a hefty development and maintenance expense. By keeping to a single framework, we were able to dramatically decrease this.


Previously, the website's Admin User could only make modifications to the website's career section, which was a setback. We included a 50 percent dynamic site option this time. Everything that can be added in the future, such as blogs, team members, partners, BFIs, merchants, and so on, can now be added directly through CMS (Content Management System).


Old Site

New Site

Client Testimonial

Manoj Thapa

Manoj Thapa

Sales & Strategy at Fonepay Pvt. Ltd.

“Team FEAT helped us totally overhaul website for Fonepay this year which caters all our International Partners, National BFIs, Wallets, Merchants and Users. The whole process was painless with frequent meetings and they came up with some excellent ideas. Would happily recommend them to anyone thinking about either getting a new website or refreshing an existing one.”


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