Extenso Data: Making the Website Look Effortless Yet Keeping Things Efficient

Extenso Data: Making the Website Look Effortless Yet Keeping Things Efficient

As per data analytics and data engineering, there’s a lot that can be done to optimize efficiency with respect to time. In addition to it, there are a lot of firms that could do with a bit of cost-cutting and that is where eXtensoData comes in. It is a Big Data Analytics Company that provides organizations with the tools they need to improve day-to-day operational efficiency, save expenses, and discover new possibilities.


FeXtensoData turns clients’ data into actionable insights using their data analytics engines. In other words, they analyze the existing business data and reveal patterns, trends, and opportunities to help clients unlock client’s X-factor.


When the firm itself is updating its client to unlock their full potential, it surely needs a website that can present its services to potential clients in an updated, presentable and attractive manner.


Old Website

eXtensoData had a code-dependent website that was completely static. Even for a small change, the team had to manually tweak the codes. This process was tedious and monotonous which was not editor-friendly. Likewise, the previous website was a bit dull and outdated. Analyzing the current website, the unorganized footer needed a bit of rework. Also, every page link redirected to a new tab which made the entire website seem like a static page.


Client Brief

eXtensoData wanted to fully upgrade its website with new code encryptions so that it is simply effortless for the editors to use. Additionally, they also wanted to restructure their website to make it more user-friendly with eye-pleasing templates for the viewers.


What’s New

The new website of eXtensoData is thoroughly dynamic with a more user-friendly experience due to its color combination and better user interface. Playing with different color templates and different elements, the overall face of the website was changed making it authentic and well-connected to the brand.


The new website had a creative landing page that will showcase who eXtensoData is along with the services they offer. A blog option was also added to publish creative blogs and a Messenger Chat Support Integration to support customer message handling which was able to satisfy the client to the fullest. A career section was also added through which you can add vacancies and get applications from within the website.


Different sections of products, solutions, and services were added segmenting the various services provided by eXtensoData. Likewise, FEAT added an Insights section in which a content managing system was integrated allowing editors to upload case studies, write blogs, update news, and many more without the need to code anything. In addition, FEAT attached the ‘Book a Demo’ integration in which viewers could directly book a demo for a product by simply clicking on it. Similarly, employee testimonials and white papers were also added to the website.


The website has been made more user-friendly in general, with all necessary information readily available.


Old Site

New Site

Client Testimonial

Suresh Gautam

Suresh Gautam

CEO – Extenso Data

I'm glad that we decided to work with FEAT for our company profile booklet and website, you guys did a really good job! For sure, we keep FEAT as a first goto company for any engagements required in the the digital marketing domain.


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