eSewa Money Transfer: A Simple Static to Remittable Dynamic Website

eSewa Money Transfer: A Simple Static to Remittable Dynamic Website

eSewa Money Transfer is one of the fastest-growing remittance companies in Nepal. The mission of EMT is to provide a diverse model of world-class remittance services to Nepalese all over the world. They provide remittance services that include the most convenient methods of sending and receiving money.


Furthermore, they are aware of their consumers' evolving wants and preferences as people prefer remittance to get more digital and convenient. It builds the largest payout network with 10K+ agents, 100K+ mobile wallet agents, and 5 million+ users of eSewa. So, it makes the stakes even higher to satisfy a huge chunk of the population and better the online remittance services.


Scope of Work

eSewa Money Transfer needed to build and construct a modern corporate website with a human-oriented design to respond to the increasing demands and preferences of consumers, foreign partners, and domestic agents. They required a static website with dynamic elements for monitoring currency rates, locating domestic agents, and tracking money. Apart from that, the requirement was a web app where customers could self-register and use the remittance services of EMT.


The requirements might seem a bit complicated as the value of the Web App and the website might differ, but consistency and proper quality control could make it achievable with ease. And that is exactly what we were going for.


Getting into the depths

Moving deeper into things, we were able to produce a fluid, well-designed website with bold graphics and colors that responded to fit well with different devices. The website includes new modules such as Send Money through which we can transfer money online to any place in Nepal and tutorial content such as how to use eSewa remit.


Furthermore, the website included sections such as About eSewa Remit, its mission, vision, and board of directors, a career section where candidates could apply online to active vacancies, live update pages and blogs where EMT could communicate new promotions to customers, and a Find Agents section where both registered and non-registered users could search payout locations and networks district by district.


Further down the page, notable structures were added, such as a list of available partner nations and banners with the international partner's logo and name, as well as an EMT customer testimonial list with images and ratings.


Moving further onto the website, other high-level requirements of the website include the Track Money feature where you can track your money via control number input and API connectivity, eSewa Wallet Download, Price Estimation (for both international and domestic transactions by registered and non-registered users), Live Chat (for registered and non-registered users) and Join Us page where both the domestic agent and international partner could send EMT requests to be a part of the EMT family.


Old Site

New Site

Client Testimonial

Sagar Khanal

Sagar Khanal

General Manager at eSewa Money Transfer

Our partnership with Feat for website development has been a good experience. Their team is responsive to all the requirements and open for ideas. Flexibility and activeness in the team is what makes working with them easier and our website have received positive responses as well. Grateful for all their efforts till date.


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