Cogent Health: Total Website Revamp

Cogent Health: Total Website Revamp

The health tech industry is making new advancements every day. Easier practices for people to access medicines and treatments through websites and web apps. Cogent Health, one of Nepal's fastest-growing health-tech companies, focuses on the development of industry-standard integrated health information systems. It collaborates with healthcare institutions of all sizes and scales to provide best-in-class technology that not only improves financial outcomes but also improves patient outcomes and experiences.


Cogent Health believes that its experienced team members with a range of backgrounds in health, technology, and management are best equipped to manage the IT of healthcare institutions so that they can focus on what matters most: the patients. Because when it comes to the health and well-being of an individual, we need to be watchful and the technology needs to be smoother than ever to achieve the end goal which is a significant advancement in health tech.


Old Website

Previously, Cogent’s website was static and everything was coded. If the team wanted to change anything they had to directly go to the code and manually change everything. It was hectic and time-consuming to make even a small change. Also, the old-school design of the website had big logo misplacement, cluttered navigation, and slider integration. Basically, the website wasn’t making the advancements that were taking place in the services. So, we needed to revisit the entire thing and understand the pre-requisites.


Client Brief

Cogent wanted FEAT to make the website convenient to use and edit. They wanted to ditch the old codes and incorporate new coding technologies. Side by side, they wanted better visuals and a convenient user interface.


What’s New

FEAT completely upgraded the code of the website into a more user-friendly experience for both editors and the viewers following the new brand guidelines. We added more eye-pleasing visuals and colors, and the placement of the new logo was done in a proper manner.


We were able to recreate the landing page that completely represented the brand. The About Us section was changed to Meet Cogent to create a friendlier outlook for the viewers where they could get to know the team, learn about our mission and vision, etc.


Similarly, the products and services are well categorized with better navigation controls. The old slider integration was improved into a hero section. FEAT team also added a ‘Book a Demo’ integration for all products on the website. Better categorization of the Support section was done where it was segregated into Our Software, Manual and FAQ Page so the people could get the help they seek from our website.


Likewise, the content managing system was integrated which allowed editors to upload blogs, and service content and make changes to every dynamic section without having to change any code.


Overall, the final product was able to provide a user-friendly interface for the viewers and ease for the team of Cogent Health to make changes based on their changing needs; to sum up, a better experience.


The website has been made more user-friendly in general, with all necessary information readily available.


Old Site

New Site

Client Testimonial

Prajwal Shrestha

Prajwal Shrestha

Sales & Chief Business Officer at Cogent Health Pvt. Ltd.

“FEAT Team assisted us in building Cogent's Website in ways we could not have imagined. Our website construction went smoothly, thanks to good communication and a well-organized workflow. I would absolutely recommend FEAT to anyone looking to build a website or grow their digital presence.”


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