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Viber Business Messaging

Viber is one of the largest messaging apps with more than 1 billion users in 190+ countries. Unlike traditional SMS’s and other messaging platforms, Viber allows you to reach, engage and convert your audiences on one on one basis.

Why Business Message??

Create strong Viber Community around your customers using Viber Business Messaging that offers:

  1. Rich Text messages (1,000-character length)
  2. Overcome the limitations of traditional SMS’s in your business communication with more characters (1000- character length) and plethora of options to format your text.

  3. Expressive content
  4. Express all you want. Use expressive contents to immerse your audiences in your brand, products and services.

  5. Interactive buttons and links
  6. Initiate engagement and conversions with powerful call to actions using interactive buttons and links.

  7. Live message status updates
  8. Humanize your brand, and state your status to your customers with Live message status updates.

  9. Business page
  10. Business profile page contains details and short profile about your business, includes link to your business website and creates higher credibility and user engagement.

Why Viber?

Businesses looking to differentiate themselves and stay competitive need to add messaging into the customer journey.