This year for QR Campaign

This year for QR Campaign

This year's QR campaign was organized by fonepay. The goal of this campaign was to complete as many QR Transactions as possible in the year 2079. This campaign was launched with the goal of demonstrating that whether you are a customer looking for ease and convenience in payment or a business owner looking for seamless management of day-to-day transactions, there is only one solution: Fonepay QR.


This year for QR Campaign Overview

The campaign's goal was to introduce more people to digital platforms. To accomplish this goal, we proposed an incentivizing campaign centered on the concept of This year for QR, which allows users to save time and effort when making payments/transactions. The main goal was to encourage as many QR transactions as possible.


This year for QR campaign not only increased QR Transactions but got people excited for the grand giveaway ie.Heliride & Breakfast at Mt. Everest.


Our Objective

The one-day campaign had its main objective to increase the number of QR Transactions substantially and turn more heads towards a cashless world.


The process and our approach

The campaign's purpose was to introduce more individuals to digital platforms. To achieve this aim, we created an incentive campaign focused on the notion of "This year for QR", which helps consumers to save time and effort while completing transactions. The one-day campaign's main approach was to significantly boost the number of QR Transactions and shift more heads toward a cashless society.


The campaign module

This year for QR campaign was executed for one day i.e., 30th Chaitra, 2078


This year for QR reward

The 20 winners were given the opportunity to win a helicopter trip and breakfast at Mt. Everest.


Eligibility Criterion to win


  1. Open your Mobile Banking App/ Digital Wallet on your phone
  2. Login with the necessary credentials
  3. Use the “Scan and Pay” feature
  4. Make your payment


  1. Ask your customer to make payments via Fonepay QR
  2. Receive and confirm payments


Activities throughout the campaign?

  1. Establishment of the communication line “This year for QR”
  2. Posting Statics, Bank and Merchants wise Carousels, GIFs on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  3. Recorded a music video in the theme of “This year for QR” featuring  Sandip Chhetri ,Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad encouraging the audience to go cashless and make the most out of fonepay QR.
  4. Flex designs for offline marketing as well as banners for online portals
  5. Getting more engagement and increase the use of QR through a grand giveaway, giving the audience a chance to win Heli-ride and Breakfast at Mount Everest.


The Outcomes

  1. 3.5 Arba worth of transactions were recorded in a single day increment in transactions by 4 times.
  2. 386K views were recorded in the jingle on YouTube.
  3. Total Page view 1,07,643 (Landing Page)
  4. Total User 87,177(Landing Page)
  5. New users 83,030 (Landing Page)



  1. When we look upon the overall campaign insights, our learnings would speak volumes about the execution success.
  2. Through the campaign, we were able to capture the attention of our target audience and achieve a significantly high number of QR transactions in a single day.


The campaign helped fonepay as a brand to build awareness about the maximum use of QR, not just for the day but throughout the year.


Main Key Visual



Anthem Video



Best Creatives




Feb 3 - March 3 Total Reach Total Engagement Total Impression​ Total Clicks
Facebook & Instagram 9,207,091 1,771,972 10,726,655 46,714
Google Ads - - 2,902,541 12,987

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