Sajilai Link Sajilai Load Campaign

Sajilai Link Sajilai Load Campaign

eSewa users can easily transfer the money to their eSewa wallet by choosing to link their account at Nabil Bank with their eSewa ID. The goal of this feature is to make it easier for the bank’s users to transfer money to and from their eSewa wallet. This service aims to reduce both the time and effort users need to put in to use eSewa.


Sajilai Link Sajilai Load Campaign Overview

The goal of the campaign was to convince the bank users to link their accounts to eSewa. In order to achieve this goal, we suggested an incentivizing campaign that revolved around the idea of ‘Sajilai Link Sajilai Load’ (Easy to link, Easy to load), which offers the users an opportunity to save their time and effort while transferring money to their wallet. The core purpose was to hit the rational habit of people seeking “easy” and “convenient” ways to run their daily lives.

‘Sajilai Link Sajilai Load’ campaign unfolded a chance for the users to save their time and effort while loading money on their eSewa wallet along with the monetary incentive of a sure-shot bonus of Rs. 100 for choosing a safe, secure and faster way.


Our Objective

The one-month-long campaign was rolled out to provide monetary incentives to tempt the target audience to link their Nabil Bank’s account to eSewa ID, along with engaging content tapping on the reasons to use eSewa while generating awareness, engagement, and conversion in the eSewa app.

The process and our approach

Our approach for the ‘Sajilai Link Sajilai Load’ Campaign was to establish the ‘Link Account’ feature as an easy and convenient way for the users to load money in eSewa and make payments. We pondered upon the campaign modality and strategy knowing the fact that when a service is promoted in the light of incentives, users tend to get attracted to it and more users could be onboarded to use the service. Once onboarded, they would get familiarized with the service and use it for their routine needs even after the campaign period as well.


The campaign module

The Sajilai Link Sajilai Load campaign was executed for one month i.e., from 3rd February to 3rd March, 2022.


Reward for Sajilai Link Sajilai Load

Sure-shot bonus: Every eligible user would get Rs. 100 as a sure-shot bonus within one business day once they link their Nabil bank accounts to their eSewa ID.

Eligibility Criteria to win

Only the users linking their Nabil Bank account to eSewa for the first time were considered valid.

The offer was only applicable to those linking Nabil Bank account to eSewa during the campaign period i.e., from February 03 till March 03, 2022.

Users would be permitted to participate for one time only.

Campaign Phases

Phase 1: Establish a communication-line creating awareness and engagement

Phase 2: Focus on conversion by promoting the campaign

What did we do throughout the campaign

  • Establishment of the communication line “Sajilai Link Sajilai Load”
  • Posting Statics, Carousels, gifs, and engaging content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Targeting custom audience through ads based on Nabil Bank’s data
  • Banner placement in the apps and on online portals
  • Third-party collaboration


The Outcomes

The average transaction growth increased from 12.4% to 19.4% during the campaign period.



  • When we look upon the overall campaign insights, our learnings would speak volumes about the execution success.
  • We were able to grab the attention of our target audience through the communication line and could get good customer engagement across different social media handles.
  • The campaign helped eSewa as a brand to build awareness about the ‘Link Account’ process as an easy way of loading money into the users’ wallets.


Best Creatives

Creative 1   Creative 2


Creative 3   Creative 4



Feb 3 - Mar 3 Total Impression Total Clicks
Twitter 8920 30
Facebook & Instagram 10,85,730 1751
Google Ads 8,082,9962 73,478


Testimonial from eSewa Chief Manager

Ashish Gautam

Ashish Gautam

Chief Manager, Product Owner at eSewa Fonepay Pvt. Ltd.

“It was really wonderful working with FEAT for the various eSewa features promotion across digital platforms. From idea inception till the implementation, they are really great for what they do! The major highlight for me was the benchmarks they have been able to create in the Sajilai Link Sajilai Load campaign which could be seen on the account link numbers. Today, eSewa features are well known to users because of what they do for us. Looking forward to work with them throughout the other projects as well.”

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