Sachet Rahau, Digital Thagi Baata Bachau!

Sachet Rahau, Digital Thagi Baata Bachau!

eSewa is a digital wallet based in Nepal providing instant online payment solutions. Recharge your mobile, pay for electricity (NEA), Internet, TV, water bills, insurance premium, buy tickets for bus, airlines, or movies, and enjoy other services.



A video to create awareness among the users asking them not to share their passwords, OTP and MPIN to have secured digital transactions.



Putting pieces together

On the grounds of the objective of the awareness video, the core focus was to alert people with subtle alarming tone while keeping intact the proper resonance of chosen words and demonstrated graphics. The video started off intriguing the viewers with सावधान to get them hooked to the video. Meanwhile, the choice of colors represented eSewa’s brand palette and each visual graphic was chosen to justify the tonality and script of the video. Furthermore, the script covered up for all the possibilities on how sharing the MPIN, password and OTP could impact the user’s digital payment journey. All in all, the video was based on factual awareness and the typography was all set to justify the core essence of the video I.e., aware the users about the importance of digital security while using eSewa.

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