Reminishing Kachuwa-Kharayo & Kumar-Ganesh

Reminishing Kachuwa-Kharayo & Kumar-Ganesh

Fonepay is Nepal's first mobile payment network to be licensed as a Payment System Operator (PSO) by the central bank. It’s an initiative that allows fast, secure, and reliable cashless payments to bank and wallet customers through merchant payments, fund transfers, and online payments via their mobile phones. They aim to make financial services simple, accessible, and affordable through a technology-driven and customer-centric approach.


Client’s Brief 

Create engaging Social Media Commercial (SMC) content within the budget constraints to make TG aware of the brand and the usage of mobile numbers to transfer funds digitally through the Mobile Banking Apps in a safe, instant, hassle-free, and cashless way. 



Story Selection


To carry forward with the client’s brief, we decided on a modern retelling of classic stories known to the general Nepali audience. Two stories were short-listed to deliver fresh and creative content to the general audience after rounds of brainstorming and discussion sessions. We believed the tint of nostalgia associated with the original stories and the modern twists in these stories would keep the audience hooked on the storyline, hence helping us to gain the full attention of our viewers until the very end.


First Concept: ‘Kachuwa - Kharayo’ Story 

For the first concept, we decided on a modern retelling of one of Aesop’s Fable: The Tortoise and the Hare, commonly known as ‘Kachuwa - Kharayo’ in Nepali. This tale has been enjoyed by Nepali people of all ages since their school days, making it a nostalgic story for our targeted audience. To make sure that the audience is kept engaged with the content, the product was only integrated at the end of the SMC video. Here’s how the video ended up looking. 



Second Concept: ‘Ganesh - Kumar’ Story 

For the second one, we added a twist to the Hindu epic tale of Ganesh and Kumar, also mentioned in Shree Swasthaani Barta Katha. In the mythological story, Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, residing in Kailasha Parvat ask both of their kids, Ganesh and Kumar to make a trip around Sumeru Parvat. In this version, both Ganesh and Kumar are assigned the task of delivering money to Lord Indra whose abode is in Heaven (Swarga Lok). In this version as well, the product was integrated well into the SMC, just like in the first video. You can see the final video here.  




After the concepts were decided we spent a lot of time perfecting them. We worked meticulously on the details of the characters and made sure every factor aligned with the vision we had.


  • Characters 

 For the first video, to make it look similar to our visualization of the original story from the comic books and the storybooks, 2D animation with subdued colors was used. Each character was personified with local Nepali attires to give it a touch of our own. The Lion’s character wore a waistcoat (called east-coat in Nepali) for the strong, macho looks, whilst the Tortoise wore a red scarf for the simpleton that it is and the Hare’s character was developed wearing a Daura-Suruwal to give it the know-it-all looks (also called Batho in Nepali).


Different versions of the same were tried & tested to portray our vision on the screen. Here are some of the drafts that we tried.   

(Character sketch of Kachuwa, Kharayo and singha.)

The second video had gods in their human forms as characters and hence it was a little bit challenging. Being well aware of the behaviors, movements, and expressions of the human characters, we tried to dodge past the usual errors in animation practice in Nepal with meticulous planning. With keen attention to detail, we developed and perfected each frame where even the secondary characters interact with the main storyline. For example, the characters of Goddess Parvati & King Cobra (Naag) around Lord Shiva’s neck can be seen interacting with expressions whenever they are in the frame, even while they aren’t the main characters to take the story forward.  



To give a local touch to the story of the gods, the characters of Lord Ganesh and Lord Kumar can be seen wearing converse shoes, and with piercings on their ears similar to young kids in Nepal. Instead of the traditional greeting or bowing down to feet, Lord Ganesh and Lord Shiva can be seen doing fist-bumps.


  • Colors

In every animation, the color palette must complement the video's overall design. We decided to utilize more subdued colors for the ‘Kachuwa Kharayo’ story, the same way we are used to seeing these characters in comic books. The general color scheme consisted of various shades of green and brown, with a bit of red and yellow thrown in for good measure. All of the colors were dimmed to let the concept stand out more. 



For the second concept, we used brighter colors to give the story more of a fresher outlook. Since it was a mythological story that had been portrayed in the media before as well, we went with a bright color palette that included colors like red, blue, yellow, and green. It made the characters look more appealing and livelier. 


  • Music 

Music is integral to any video we make and for both of these projects, it was prominent to keep the audience engaged in the video content. Any project that has good sound effects automatically becomes better. In the first project of ‘Kachuwa ra Kharayo’ we made sure that all of the sound effects and background soundtracks mirrored the activities of the actors or actions being performed onscreen.


For the second project of ‘Ganesh and Kumar,’ we brought in a music producer who composed the music as well as the sound effects based on the actions, gestures, and scenes of the video. As a result of this, the sound effects of the mouse running, the peacock flapping its wings, and electrifying music for the enlargement of the mouse were achieved as per the original plan. The sound effects aided the video to add more drama and made it more fun to watch. 


Challenges and Solutions

Attention Retention 

  • To grab the audience’s attention, we used old familiar stories with a modern twist and added sound effects along with music, and visuals to keep it interesting.  

  • We also amplified the character’s expressions and antics and then embedded local Nepali culture in it to keep the audience engaged.  

Timely Execution 

  • To deliver quality content within the given budget constraints and deadline, 2D animation was chosen over 3D. This also helped us with the multiple revisions we made with the video.  

Product Integration 

  • To deliver our audience quality content on its own, the product details were integrated smoothly within the content and multiple reiterations were to make it seem more natural. 

  • An end frame of the Fonepay logo and mnemonic was made in a sketch-illustration style to keep the transition smooth towards the actual mnemonic.

Prominent Reach 

  • To disseminate the information to a wider audience, third-party social media pages with their own organic reach were also chosen along with the brand’s social media handles. For this, Routine of Nepal Banda’s page on Facebook was chosen.  

  • Even the unauthorized social media pages downloaded the contents on their pages which led to a wider reach and audience base with different interests. They too amassed massive views count through their social media handles with these contents.


Both the videos were released on Routine of Nepal Banda’s Facebook page and Fonepay’s Facebook Page. Along with them, a few unofficial pages had also shared the contents in their profile, while praising the quality content, they were able to witness within Nepali Advertisement Industry.



Both the videos were successful in grabbing everyone’s attention with the content. Much to our surprise, the video got enormous organic shares through official and unofficial channels with words of appreciation for the quality of content we were able to deliver. 


Wide Reach 
We were able to reach 1 million + viewers in the videos through official and unofficial uploads. With our well-planned digital marketing strategy, both of the videos were successful. It also gained massive organic shares from the general public as well.


Insights of Kachuwa - Kharayo Story  

S.No Page Total Views Total Likes Comments Shares






Routine of Nepal Banda 






Insights of Ganesh – Kumar Story  



Total Views 

Total Likes 



Meme Nepal 





NEB Results 






Total Insights of Both Videos 



Total Views 

Total Likes 



Kachuwa Kharayo 





Ganesh and Kumar 













Along with the awareness it generated for the general public about the brand and the product, the campaign was also successful in driving the conversion rate. Over the course of the three-month campaign, the targeted number of transactions we were given grew by 100%.


Audience Appreciation

The general public and brands alike were open about appreciating the contents with an open heart. With the engaging content and a relatively newer approach to the advertisement in Nepali Ad Market, the videos were able to make an impact on social media users, who also happen to be our TG. Here are some of the comments we received.  







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