foneloan - Case Study

foneloan - Case Study

foneLoan is a digital lending service offered by banks to provide small short-term loans instantly to salaried individuals through their mobile banking apps. These pre-approved loans are available to banking customers deemed eligible by an automated analytics system as per the criteria set by banks. You can avail foneLoan for cash emergencies including medical expenses, purchases, travel and education expenses.


foneloan Logo Redesign


foneloan had a logo that needed a creative translation of the loan element in the redesign. This would need to be accompanied by the subtle design feature complementing foneloan's essence of service.


Our approach to logo design

We wanted to create foneloan's logo as minimalistic yet creative enough to let it shine. Our innovative designer was quick to decipher the required changes and presented possible results. The final product was minimal with a spark of modern twist while remaining true to the service essence.



Old Foneloan Logo



The Result

The final logo turned out to carry all the essential requirements briefed by the client. It was simple, minimal yet represented everything foneloan stood for. The clever use of negative space in the letter 'a' delivered a creative perspective of lending money.

The logo revamp was appreciated by the client as it perfectly adhered to the guidelines put forward to our team.



New Foneloan Logo


New Foneloan Meaning



foneloan Mother's Day Video


The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown in effect created a massive hurdle in our approach to the video. The initial plan had to be completely changed as it did not go along with the current circumstances. The main challenge was to rethink from the current perspective and navigate the recreation process in a limited time.


The Solution

Our creative team was definitely scratching their heads with the change in plan. However, it's in these times the creativity of our team rises up a notch. We believe in delivering results, as the challenge brought new ideas to the table. We made sure the challenges were our allies and used them as a supporting element for the video. The changes in script elevated the video in terms of the emotional aspect. The final video included the subtle essence of foneloan while beautifully delivering the message of Mother's Day.


Foneloan Creative 1   Foneloan Creative 2


How it went

The Mother's Day video was an emotional rollercoaster, to say the least. It portrays the ongoing situation and how it has halted celebrating this special day like the good times. The video reminds us of all the reasons we should be grateful for the presence of our mother. Thus, the most precious gift one can give her in these tough times is the assurance of good health and safety.

The clever play of the text and the voiceover with the emotional visuals took this video to impactful heights. The message being simple, this Mother's Day, there shouldn’t arise any financial hurdle to ensure her the gift of good health and safety.


Foneloan Creative 3   Foneloan Creative 4


The Outcomes

The response to the video on social media platforms was overwhelming. The video did great in numbers and reach. The relevance of the video in the pandemic and the message it shared were empathized by the audience. The video managed to get many shares in its release and kept up the upward trajectory for many days. It garnered the interest of many people and kept the queries coming in social media on the process for foneloan.



Digital Promotions Return of Investment

Paid Promotions:



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Foneloan Creative 4   Foneloan Creative 5

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