Ek Muskan, Aama ko Naam Video Campaign

Ek Muskan, Aama ko Naam Video Campaign

Secured Transfer is a service provided only by eSewa in Nepal that allows its users to make payments to another eSewa wallet in the safest way possible. The main feature of this service is that the paid amount is held in Sender’s account during the transaction. Only after completion of the obligations by the receiver, the receiver will receive the amount once the sender releases it. The main objective of the service is to better manage fund transfer transactions with strangers which assures both the sender and the receiver. This feature is especially useful in decreasing fraudulent transactions because it protects buyers' money from vendor fraud while also ensuring merchants that they shall receive the owed money.


Mother’s Day Video Campaign Overview

Through an emotive appeal with the Mother's Day video, the video campaign aimed to encourage eSewa users and businesses alike to use Secured Transfer. A stop-motion video with product-integrated approach was compiled with emotional appeal to promote the ‘Secured Transfer’ feature.



In under 4 days, we were able to pull off a photoshoot with three characters involved in the video and deliver the final product video. We also collaborated with one of the local merchants, Cake Station for the same.



The video reminds us that no matter what, we can never pay off the debts of our loving mothers. Instead, it inspires users to bring a smile on their mother’s face by sending some gifts. As just a verbal or textual ‘Thank You’ would not be enough to communicate our gratefulness towards our mothers. The audience were suggested to always turn on the Secured Transfer feature while paying the stranger sellers to ensure that the products that they ordered for shall be delivered.


Our Objective

The 30- second stop motion video was released to remind our audience to send gifts as a gesture of gratitude to their mothers on Mother’s Day. To assure the gifts are delivered, audience were suggested to use Secured Transfer with the intention of achieving notable growth in Secured Transfer transactions while promoting the local merchants and local economy.



People reacted positively to the video. The video was able to gain a 9.9K organic audience reach and actively engaged the audiences. The video's emotional appeal captured the audience's interest and retained 100% viewership until the midpoint. The smooth editing of stop motion video enticed viewers to watch it as well as turn on the Secured Transfer feature. Overall, the outcome was overwhelmingly positive.


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