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Admin Officer will be responsible to look after ongoing office duties.


Admin Officer

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Admin Officer will be responsible to look after ongoing office duties.

About This Position

Admin Officer will be responsible to look after ongoing office duties.

Your Responsibilities

  • Schedule teleconferences and in-person meetings with vendors/influencers, ensure materials and technology needed are available and operational.
  • Communication with vendors, influencers and many more for the project and finalizing the appropriate one based on the project criteria and the budget (quotations)
  • Contract preparation for vendors and influencers and proper documentation of those contract
  • Visiting and finalizing the appropriate location for the project based on suitable accessibility of budget
  • Help complete assigned projects such as influencers video, co-corporate videos, shoot and many more by clearly establishing objectives and goals, determining priorities, managing time, gaining cooperation of others, checking in and monitoring progress, problem solving and making adjustments to plans with final quality outcome
  • May coordinate off-site meetings and conventions; assist with schedule management; arrange appointments, travel, business trip inside/outside valley and, conference calls and process expense reports and reimbursement with frequent communication with employee and finance head
  • Provide support to other members of management and department as required and requested for the assigned work
  • Organize programs, events, meetings, or conferences by arranging facilities, issuing invitations, disseminating information, coordinating speakers and controlling event budget in coordination with management/finance/human resource
  • Answer and manage incoming calls and interact with visitors/influencers/vendors/clients and many more
  • Collection of data and information by maintaining the required confidentiality, analysis of those data, and document those data and make a clear system for reporting to the management/supervisor.
  • Regular communication with vendors and clients for cheque release and payment collection under the supervision of Finance Head
  • Timely communication and coordination with Supervisor regarding work

Skills you require for this position

  • An ability to perform well in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Team player.
  • Natural curiosity and desire to learn and build
  • Excellent attention to detail with pride in producing accurate work
  • An experience in internet research
  • An ability to work in a team with good communication skills

Experience required

1 year of experience in a concern field.

Bonus Skills

  • Monitoring the use of equipment and supplies within the office.
  • Dealing with queries or requests from the visitors and employees.
  • Coordinating the maintenance and repair of office equipment.
  • Assisting other administrative staff in wide range of office duties.
  • Collecting and distributing couriers or parcels among employees and opening and sorting emails.
  • Helping the receptionist, secretaries, or other administrative assistants in performing their duties.
  • Cooperating with office staff to maintain proper interaction and a friendly environment within the office.

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Admin Officer

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