Why Tiktok is the next big thing in Digital Marketing?

Why Tiktok is the next big thing in Digital Marketing?

Did you know there are over 1 billion TikTok users worldwide? TikTok has been a great platform to showcase your ideas, products, talent and even helps to promote your business just with zero-rupee investment. It’s amazing, right? 

Let’s go to the basics. 

I wonder if you know this or not, but TikTok used to be known as Musically previously. But now I guess everyone is familiar with it. It involves the creation of short videos shared between the users. TikTok is the future as it is online marketing working to promote the brands. It also helps to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. It was a platform initially introduced among the younger audience i.e., approx. 70% but now it is getting familiar among the elder audiences as well. 

How brands can make the most out of TikTok?

It is one of the easiest mediums to promote your ideas, brand, and business as a whole as it's the platform that charges the least. Modern-day users consume maximum content through videos that treat the users as a part of a community. It is the marketing that doesn’t try too hard to sell which is the perfect place for user-generated content.

Tiktok is the future in this digital marketing age. TikTok has been the main digital marketing tool for most businesses these days. And yes, almost all digital marketing companies have their TikTok accounts nowadays. They post about their ideas, products, work in their TikTok account which helps to reach thousands of audiences in a second.

The transition of FEAT to TikTok

At FEAT, we've been recently active on TikTok, and the journey to date has been absolutely worthwhile yet rewarding. We started by introducing our work culture and our team videos which garnered a lot of views. Our marketing team was quick to take advantage of the engagement by placing subtle brand placement in the form of links. The conversion rate through clicks in the website link from our TikTok account has been exceptionally high. We managed to get 30k unique website visitors in just a month of us being active in TikTok. These results should be enough to take your business/startup into the realms of TikTok.

Here I have listed some tips and tricks to make your TikTok content even more creative and engaging.

  • You can showcase behind the scenes or in the moment content that best represents your brand.

  • Rather than taking the time to edit your TikTok videos, keep things real and showcase people using your brand in their everyday lives.

  • You can make a step-by-step video if your products require unboxing.

  • You can create a #HashtagChallenge for prompt engagement. It’s really fun and simple to participate in.

  • You can consider influencer marketing and utilize influencers to boost your content to a much broader audience.

In Conclusion

TikTok is popular at the moment, so you should consider giving it a try. You’ll certainly not get much traffic in the beginning, but you should consider including it in your social media marketing strategy which will help in your business.

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