Why Nepali brands should consider memes for marketing

Why Nepali brands should consider memes for marketing

When you think of “memes”, what do you imagine? For many, when someone says meme, they envision a silly image and some kind of witty caption, or possibly a tidbit of advice with a sarcastic tone. However, there's so much more to memes than simply cleverly executed witty content that resonates well with everyone.

In the current scene of the marketing world, memes have become the most profitable currency online. You see it often while casually scrolling across social media platforms. In fact, one can say the speed of memes is faster than news or tweets. Thus, many marketers have hopped onto the train of meme-jacking. Meme-jacking is the trend of hijacking popular memes by marketers to market their products creatively. This has immensely helped brands communicate effectively with their audience through humor. Everyone knows meme thrive through posting, texting, tweeting, and sharing across social media. Hence, making it an incredibly useful tool to garner brand engagement and awareness. That's precisely why Nepali brands should consider memes in their marketing plan.

So, why should Nepali brands use memes for marketing? 

Memes increase engagement & create instant response

Memes are a fun route of offering value to people through entertainment. If executed well, it helps to make the audience feel part of the sarcastic content. Be sure to tie your brands' essence to the meme to ensure it lands well. When you have mastered the meme with creativity to make it original, it is more likely that people will initiate response and incite more shares of the content.

Memes increase engagement & create instant response

Here, is just an example of how memes create engagement through humor. I think when it comes to memes and tying it up with the brands' voice, Foodmario comes on top. As Elon Musk is known for his humorous tweet spree on Twitter, Foodmario cleverly transformed the tweet into a meme by integrating the brand. This makes the content more original and more relatable to the audience. 

Memes are easy to create and costs almost no money

Memes are essentially free content. Nepali brands can always rely on the most trending memes and sprinkle their brand essence in the content. This allows the brand to mark its presence with a different approach in the market. Also, memes are easy to create. A whole range of memes can be created with tools such as Meme Generator, CanvaQuick Mem, etc.

Meme Generator is an easy way to search for popular memes and uploading images for creating content.

Memes are easy to create and costs almost no money

You can add relevant texts to images and also use familiar meme fonts. Moreover, you can get suggestions of recent memes created with the same image. Once you are satisfied with your final meme, you can download it and simply post it on your social media.

Memes are useful for viral marketing

Nepali brands can catch up to the trend of a certain meme and hop on to create a viral content. These memes that are going viral have the potential to reach a larger audience. Thus, planning on a strategy to create content that resonates with your brand can go a long way. But here's the if "Timing is Everything". These are fleeting yet advantageous opportunities for your brand to engage the audience and gain new customers.

Memes are useful for viral marketing

Fonepay was quick to make the most out of the viral speech "tyo pardaina" of PM KP Oli. The content was creatively executed by adding the essence of the service while making the meme original with few tweaks. The engagement and the shares in the post were relatively high than other similar content. This is a perfect example of making the most out of moment marketing.

Meme help to engage the target audience and increase website traffic

You may have come across advertisements that are just screaming to get sales with some boring texts. Most people prefer sharing entertaining content over a boring ad or a never-ending blog of a brand's product. This is the reason why meme marketing is one of the powerful tools to engage your target audience and grow your brands' presence. Moreover, if your memes get viral on social media platforms, it increases the chances to drive more traffic to your website. Thus, directly contributing to your conversions and sales, which is the ultimate aim of every business.


All in all, if done right, memes can be an effective tool in your brand's marketing plan. They can help you reach potential customers and humanize your brand through entertaining elements. Moreover, they essentially help you exchange interactions with your audience and need no additional content framework for its execution. Memes have helped revolutionize the marketing scene, they are cheap to produce, relatable, and increase your brand reach and visibility. Besides, memes are fun to create. So, is your brand ready to elevate its social media game through meme marketing?


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