Why Digital Marketing Jobs are the Future? 

Why Digital Marketing Jobs are the Future? 

Digital Marketing! Just by reading the word, we can visualize the meaning of Digital Marketing. In simple terms, Digital Marketing refers to marketing on a digital platform. While at a significant level, Digital Marketing refers to advertising carried out through the usage of digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, and mobile applications. Using these online media platforms, Digital Marketing is the method by which the company endorses goods, services, and brands. According to the marketing insights by ‘Think with Google’, 48% of consumers start their inquiries on search engines, while 33% visit brand websites and 26% search within mobile applications.

In today’s modern world, Digital Marketing is an enormous system of channels to which marketers simply must onboard. Before the evolution of Digital Marketing, marketers completely relied on traditional marketing. Traditional marketing refers to the marketing strategy by using means like print, broadcast, direct mail, phone, billboards, newspapers, and radio. Of course, traditional marketing doesn’t mean it’s not in use anymore. It’s not used as often as it was in the past. Traditional marketing tactics, however low in number, are still used in collaboration with or without Digital Marketing in certain markets for branding. While both digital and traditional marketing have their own share of advantages and disadvantages, the benefits of Digital marketing far outweigh the benefits of traditional marketing tactics.

As for the future of Digital Marketing, we can expect to see a continuous increment. According to Global Market advertising, the compound annual growth rate of Digital Marketing is projected at 9% from 2020 to 2026. Likewise, Forbes also forecasts that social media will become increasingly conversational in the B2B space. In the context of Nepal, Digital Marketing is also growing rapidly. As per the Advertisers Association of Nepal (AAN), it has been growing by 50-60% annually. Moreover, the President of AAN, Mr. Rabindra Kumar Rijal has stated that digital marketing has made an annual turnover of Rs 200 million and is expected to reach Rs 500 million.

Is There Enough Demand for Digital Marketers in the Industry of Nepal? 

Digital Marketing is one of the most trending industries around the globe. Although traditional marketing still has its value, Digital Marketing is quickly taking over it. Thanks to its affordability and analytics, through which marketers can see exactly where they are generating the highest ROI. Moreover, through Digital Marketing, brands and businesses can directly cater to niche markets as well through targeted ads. Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing makes two-way communication between the brands and users easier, and helps establish a friendly relation between the two through usual marketing tactics along with innovative and engaging contents. With the help of analytics generated easily and quickly through Digital Marketing, the brands can get results efficiently and make necessary changes as well. Looking at Nepal’s marketing industry both large and smaller startup businesses have adopted Digital Marketing and the reason is clear. COVID has also urged companies to invest in Digital Marketing as it was the only available option during the pandemic situation. Thus, it is also one of the reasons behind the blooming of Digital Marketing in Nepal.

With the businesses approaching Digital Marketing, it is also providing excessive Digital Marketing job opportunities. According to the latest survey, no other sector is growing the way Digital Marketing is reaching new heights globally. As reported by LinkedIn, Digital Marketing Specialist is among the top 10 most in-demand jobs. Since there are so many aspects to the Digital Marketing Strategy, the number of related jobs is quite high. A LinkedIn survey found that the industry is facing a shortage of Digital Marketing Professionals. Having said that, the demand for digital marketers in the industry in Nepal is very high. With the increasing demand and ample room for growth, it is definitely the right time to invest in a career as a digital marketer. This definitely is the right time to shine in the growing Digital Marketing field for the aspiring marketers of tomorrow.

Getting Started with a Digital Marketing Role

As mentioned earlier, the aspects of Digital Marketing are very vast, and thus the number of related jobs is also relatively higher. In addition to this, all startups to big corporate houses are adopting the trends of Digital Marketing and thus career options for Digital Marketing jobs are also increasing proportionally. As you begin with Digital Marketing, understanding the key factors in the industry is significant. There are many digital marketing job roles to consider and each job role requires its own set of skills to master.

Here is the list of some popular jobs in the field of Digital Marketing in Nepali market: 

1. Digital Marketing Manager 

Digital Marketing Manager is one of the most trending Digital Marketing jobs in Nepal. As a Digital Marketing manager, one should have good knowledge regarding all the aspects of Digital Marketing. This job incorporates managing the entire Digital Marketing team including Digital Marketing Executives, SEO Experts, Social Media Marketing, and the web development team. One must be an expert in all the aspects of Digital Marketing to be suitable for the job position. 

2. Media Specialist 

Media Specialist is also one of the Digital Marketing jobs you can choose to build your career in Digital Marketing. A Media Specialist will lead the marketing efforts using new media and digital tools. S/he will also need to develop and plan advertising campaigns which should be notable trends. Apart from this, Media Specialists should creatively handle various online marketing tools and work with different teams to coordinate the company’s overall marketing strategy, advertising and promotion activities. The ultimate responsibility of a Media Specialist is to promote brand and increase client engagement.

3. Data Analyst   

Another trending Digital Marketing job in Nepal is Data Analyst. Looking at the top job portal sites in Nepal, there is a huge demand for Data Analysts. As a Data Analyst, you should have strong analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills with the ability to collect, organize and analyze a significant amount of data. A Data Analyst should have experience with data visualization and reporting tools. S/he should create a custom report using visualization tools like Google Data Studios, AWS Quicksight, Tableau, etc. 

4. SEO Expert

While talking about the jobs in the world of Digital Marketing, a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert is one of the most demanding jobs in Nepal. There is always a high demand for SEO Experts. In addition to this, you can also see a high number of vacancies for SEO Experts published on top job portals in Nepal. As an SEO Expert, you will be working with a web developer, content writer, Digital Marketing Manager, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Expert. As an SEO expert, s/he should develop a strategy to bring organic traffic to the website and increase visibility in search engines. 

5. SEM/PPC Expert

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC), is one of the best marketing methods to promote a website, business, or product on search engines. Moreover, it is a paid method and is charged on the basis of clicks it generates. SEM Expert is also one of the most demanding Digital Marketing jobs in Nepal. Google Ads, an advertising service created by Google is one of the best examples of Search Engine Marketing. An SEM Expert should be familiar with a task like keyword research, bid management, and running ads on social media platforms. S/he also needs to coordinate with the Social Media Marketing Manager.  

6. Social Media Marketing Manager

Without any doubt, social media marketing is definitely a huge part of Digital Marketing. Social Media Marketing Manager is also one of the trending Digital Marketing jobs in Nepal. Social Media Managers along with their team promote brands on networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. This job role involves promoting a brand to increase awareness by optimizing content over social media. In addition to this, Social Media Marketing Managers also set up campaign strategies to reach out in front of the right people. Social Media Managers also need to coordinate and work as bridges between content writers, designers, and project managers. In addition to this, this job often requires the ability to work off-hours to respond to incoming messages. 

7. Account Manager

The main role of Account Manager is handling the social media profile of clients. In addition to this, the Account Manager has a team that deals with the social media profile of each client. They commonly work with different teams to develop plans. Apart from this, s/he may be tasked with developing marketing campaigns and planning events. The duties of account manager include establishing and maintaining a relationship with potential clients. Likewise, they also finalize the billings of the client. 

8. Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager is one of the highly demanded Digital Marketing jobs in Nepal. Content marketing is the best method to promote brands, businesses, and products on the internet. According to a survey, the precise content can generate three times higher the leads. As a Content Manager, you will be managing teams that include both content and design teams. You will also be responsible for developing creative ideas, video concepts, and designs.

9. Content Writer

Content Writer is also one of the most creative and skillful jobs in Digital Marketing. As a Content Writer, you will be working with content managers, designers, and web developers to produce high-quality content. The main task of a Content Writer is to write SEO-friendly and user-engaging content via storytelling. In addition to this, a Content Writer should also have basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to produce content for a website’s blogs.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer is one of the highly demanded jobs in Nepal in today's digital world. The world is moving towards a digital platform. In the context of Nepal, it is also gradually shifting toward digital. Thus, the demand for a Graphic Designer is very high. In fact, there are not enough graphic designers in the Nepali market. So, choosing your career as a Graphic Designer will be fruitful for your career. As a Graphic Designer, you should be able to design original pieces, including illustrations and infographics. Likewise, you should create a wide range of graphics and layouts for product illustration of company logos, and website. S/he should be up-to-date with the latest image editing software, techniques, and design principles. 

The above-mentioned job roles are some trending Digital Marketing job roles in Nepal. However, these are not only the available Digital Marketing jobs in the context of Nepal. While doing research to prepare this article, we found out these jobs to be prevalent in the world of Digital Marketing. If you know more trending job roles then please comment below.  

Choosing Digital Marketing as Your Career in Nepal

Above are some trending Digital Marketing jobs in Nepal if you are looking forward to investing your career in Digital Marketing. With fluency in skills and a creative mind, you can choose any of the above ones and thrive in your career as a Digital Marketing professional. As we have mentioned from starting of the article, the Digital Marketing trend in Nepal is growing immensely in Nepali business market. From local businesses to world-dominating international brands in Nepal, marketing through digital platforms has become a popular way to reach Nepali customers.

Since Digital Marketing is growing immensely, the number of Digital Marketing Agencies have also increased over the past few years. With the increasing number of Digital Marketing Agencies, the demand for jobs in Digital Marketing is also increasing. Apart from this, each business company is separately hiring digital marketers to perform their day-to-day digital activities. Having said that, we believe it’s the right time to invest in your career as a digital marketer.

Feat International to Jump-Start Your Digital Marketing Career in Nepal

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The working culture varies from company to company. Working as a digital marketer at Feat International, you will gain potential rewards and opportunities. Being the top Digital Marketing agency in Nepal, Feat International has diverse portfolio of different clients from different industries. With this, you will never get bored and find the industry you’re passionate about while you set challenges for yourself and complete them. Additionally, you get to push your limits and learn new things every day. Join our energetic and highly experienced team to excel in your growth in the world of Digital Marketing. 

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