What not to do on your first day at FEAT

What not to do on your first day at FEAT

So, it’s your first day at FEAT?
Yes, it's perfectly understandable if you feel a bit nervous about it. No matter how many years of work experience, the pressure to make a great first impression at a new workplace is always nerve-wracking. So, knowing these few "Do Not's" can help you make your first impression less nerve-wracking at FEAT.

  1. Buttons up and tuck in your shirt
    Setting your first impression by wearing formals top to bottom and admitting to the CEO that you don't drink.

    Buttons up and tuck in your shirt
  2. Blurt out Digital ABCD
    Spill verbal diarrhea of the digital insights you know about to your team members only to get a silent crooked smile from the team manager.

    Blurt out Digital ABCD
  3. Memesplaining
    Go to the content creators' team, show them the meme you saw last night and explain the analogy behind it.

  4. Offer your lunch to heavy dinner lovers
    Enter the narrow pantry of FEAT canteen and offer your plain bread jam to the peers who will most probably be feasting with Samay Baji, Chana Chiura, Dal Bhat Tarkari, Biryani, etc

    .Offer your lunch to heavy dinner lovers
  5. Give Canva Design Tips
    During the break-time have a coffee conversation with a designer about how Canva can be a lifesaver design tool rather than Photoshop and illustration.

    Give Canva Design Tips
  6. Be a Share Market Guru
    3:30 pm enter into the 3rd floor, packed balcony aside the lift, adjust your butt and make space for yourself. Introduce yourself, involve in the smokers inside joke about the share market, and give a roaring fake laughter. P.S. Go without a lighter.

    Be a Share Market Guru
  7. Be a dot pen loser
    Go to the HR & admin and say "I lost my dot pen." You will instantly get a long gaze from them.

    Be a dot pen loser
  8. Ready to pack up at 5:59 P.M sharp
    Say bye to all the members at 5:59 P.M sharp.

    Hence, these are the few "do not's" that might be handy on your first day at FEAT. Spend some time with the crazy but amazing team at FEAT and you will realize what not to do more!

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