Viber Business Messaging - New Business Marketing Platform

Viber Business Messaging - New Business Marketing Platform

Did you know, Viber has over 820 million active monthly users worldwide, and about 15 million in Nepal itself? Imagine being able to reach them, engage them, and communicate with them about your brand, product and services anytime you want.

And what if that communication was much more cost-effective and advantageous than your current medium of communication like SMS?

Yes, Viber Business Messaging unlike traditional forms of communication like SMS is much more cost-effective. Almost free if you are thinking of it as a small business with a smaller client portfolio. But whether you are a small business or a corporate giant with millions of customers, being on Viber is just as effective both in terms of cost as well as efficiency.

While Viber Business Messaging is a relatively new marketing platform for the Nepali Market, companies like e-Sewa, fonepay, Laxmi Bank have been using these services effectively. If you too are pondering over whether or not to switch to Viber Business Messaging, this article covering some of the advantages of Viber Business messaging over traditional SMS might help you decide.

Write more, say more.

Unlike the traditional SMS (Short Message Service) which limits your text length to 160 characters, Viber allows you to use up to 1000 characters. This means that with Viber Business Messaging, you get greater freedom to say all you want. Imagine having to communicate so many things about your product or service but having a character limit that simply doesn't allow you to say anything.

Feels constrained, right?

Now forget all those limitations and say all you want with Viber Business. What's more, you all have a myriad of options to format your text enabling you to engage your customers and converse with them much more elegantly.

Reach more people at a much lower cost

The price of Viber messaging is quite low in comparison with SMS messages. While the price of an SMS in Nepal might go up to Rs. 2 per SMS, Viber Business Messaging is much lower than that. Additionally, in Viber Messaging you are charged for delivered messages. While in traditional SMS you have to pay for all sent messages enabling you to save money.

Be as expressive as you can

With Viber Messaging you can express yourself as much as you can.

Quite impressive, right?

There are several ways with which you can trigger the audiences about the brand, products, and services. Some of which are uses of stickers, gifs, texts, buttons, and links. It can also be the best alternative for customers to visualize the brand and understand the message exactly the way it is conveyed.

Have your business page

Imagine promoting your brand in an interactive approach to a large audience at once!

Yes, Viber Business message facilitates you to communicate about your brand to an interactive audience. Similarly, you can direct them to your brand's website. It eventually helps to communicate your brand to a larger audience at a lower cost.

Communicate through live chat

As a customer, how would you like to have communication with the business organizations? Almost many of us prefer live chats. Don't we?

So, live chat is the new trend now. You can interact with your customers via live chat and update status easily. I believe that interaction through live chats makes the customer feel valued.

In a nutshell, Viber Business Messages is an interface that allows a business to communicate directly with its audience through Viber in a highly expressive and interactive manner. I would shift to Viber messaging to improve customer experience, interaction, and real-time connection. What about you? Are you ready to adapt Viber Business Messaging? If yes, feel free to connect with us or you can check the link. (


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