Simple hacks to take a break from social media

Simple hacks to take a break from social media

We've all been there, aimlessly scrolling through social media feeds, refreshing time and time again for something interesting to pop up. Especially for those working in an agency or something related to social media itself, taking a break from social media is easier said than done. With all those messaging constantly flooding your inboxes, pending obligation to replying to customer messages, create content for our clients, or catching up with the latest trends in the market, it’s hard to take your eyes off social media.

However, there are always intelligent ways to work around. Here I listed few simple social media hacks to give yourself a healthy break from social media even if a whole hiatus/detox is not possible. Just read through some of these tips and thank me later. 

Turn off your chat/app notifications

If you are always the first one to reply to all the group chats, refrain from it. Most of the conversations that go about in group chats are mostly not important or which is not urgent. If it were to have you involved, there would definitely be a phone call. So, stop worrying and just get that deserved rest from the constant notification beeps. Just mute all the conversations or app notifications and allow yourself to reply at your favorable hours. Trust me it does wonders relieving extra stress and helps squeeze free time for yourself.

Reduce screen time after work hours

It would be great if we could get off-screen time during your work. But you can't control what you do in your work. However, you can always make the most of your free time. After work, make a habit to limit the time you spend online and find ways to stick to it. It's normal to keep reaching out to the apps button at the beginning but if you commit and trust the process there are various ways to adapt to the new routine. There are apps whose sole function is to help you limit constantly checking out your social apps. For example, I tried using AppBlock to block certain distracting apps and found it to be effective for me. Try using some more for yourself. Furthermore, you can set a goal for your daily usage limits of a particular app and be aware not to exceed the set limits. It definitely takes time to adapt but it's totally worth it once you start getting used to it.

Plan activities to fill the screen time

Do you feel lost or get bored to death when your internet is disconnected? I guess everyone in this hyper-connected world can relate to this. We are so used to spending hours on social media that we feel it's a huge task to fit in activities without them. So, here’s a piece of advice, think about different offline activities in advance. Find fun activities that will help you pass the time. Where attention goes energy flows. Thus, keep your attention off social media. Focus on activities even if it is just cleaning your room, solving a puzzle, reading, writing, and try doing things that make you happy. Follow this as a routine and I am sure your mind will get the rest it needs. You will pat yourself in the back on the fact that you didn't spend one more day just staring at a screen.

Inform your friends that you're having a social media break

To have an effective break from social media, make sure to inform your closest friends or the people that you spend most of your time with about your time off. You wouldn't want to be bombarded with your friend's messages and notifications while you are on a break. It's important to garner their support whenever you need space. Once they see a relaxed and happier version of you, I am sure they will welcome you back. Also, you can probably think of interesting challenges with your best of friends to take such interesting social media breaks. This might as well add a fun and competitive twist to your test of patience.


In the end, we are not portraying social media as an influencing factor in ruining our lives. The main catch from the post is to be self-aware of the time we spend online and have a conscious approach to using them. Using social media for purposeful objectives, personal growth, or even relaxation is great, but we need to stop letting it consume our minds. Hence, before you migrate from one social media app to the next simply to kill time, think about what other fun things could you do to make the most of life.


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