Is job hopping in Nepal a millennial trend or a choice of career bust?

Is job hopping in Nepal a millennial trend or a choice of career bust?

You must have heard of club hopping but might wonder what job hopping is. Just like club hopping, job hopping means jumping from one job to another. As per the research study, (Job hopping tendency in millennials in private sector of Nepal) by DL Pandey, 2019, “Job hopping refers to the tendency of a person to work briefly in an organization in particular position rather than staying in an organization for a longer time”. The factors that cause job hopping are seek out of career growth, higher salary, job satisfaction, job security, freedom at workplace, reputation of organization and higher position. Which is why youth in Nepal are found to be a victim of job hopping and screw up their potentially ecstatic career switching to a loosely average career in continuous search of these variables.

This is a common practice of employees in private organization and this practice is seen more in millennials than in any other generations. Let’s find out if job hopping really, is, a millennial characteristic or a choice of career bust.

Hopping indicates you are not stable

Don’t fall for the misconception that with new experience in every 6 months or 1 year at a job, means you are diversifying your portfolio. A stable portfolio matters, not just to be taken seriously but also for a super strong career foundation that can accelerate faster than you think. Stability is one of the highly prioritized credentials for a job provider. You do have the choice to carve your own niche with remarkable stability.

Hopping to freelance?

We know you love freelancing. Benefits of having ample time and good money does, look ideal. But before you make freelancing a career you should be aware about the work pattern in it. Some of them, are working in isolation with no opportunity of learning and adapting to team-work, missing out on company benefits like insurance, social security fund, free food, retreats and many more. Others include variable workloads and income, unique ethical considerations, round the clock coverage to be available 24/7, distractions with lack of focus in work, lack of job security and tax consequences. Job hopping and freelancing in between can divert your career goals and waste your crucial years of catching the momentum of career acceleration.

Lookout for rapid Career & Financial growth making you a hopper?

The causes of job hopping can also be organization related factors such as pay and promotion, organization size, job security. In addition to this, job environment factors that includes supervisory style, work unit size, nature of peer group interaction. Millennials and generation Z job hunters are forward thinking, highly educated and super tech savvy.

Hopping in search of adaptable culture?

Job content factors like nature of work, job stress and repetitiveness, job autonomy and responsibility, role ambiguity and conflict makes a huge difference in one’s choice of workplace. Personal factors like personality, age and interests within an organization also tend to slightly influence peer to peer group discussions which affects long run outcome as well. Fact states millennials have higher expectations and the pursuit of happiness play a part in their job-hopping habits.

They also want to see companies adopt substantive diversity, equality and inclusion efforts with great employee benefits and provide a supportive workplace culture. If they think business is lagging behind the time, they are more likely to leave it, making it another big reason of hopping tendency.

Now, Here’s the real deal!

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Never witnessed massive growth opportunity along promising salary?

FEAT does not hesitate in offering the expected salary if the candidate matches the company’s requirements. Our appraisals are based on regular performance assessment based on the job role. Our values lie in creating an impact with smart work rather than appreciating on hard work with least impact solely. We honestly state appreciation is only valued when it is real and time worthy. But when it is done, it is flaunted in royalty.

Here’s what our Operations and Communications Manager, Mr. Mayanka Niraula has to say "FEAT has offered me with growth opportunity in overall aspect of my professional carrier.I feel glad working in such an exciting ,challenging, motivating and energetic work environment where the focus is always on creating the new milestone with experiments and perfection".

On top of this, we proudly flaunt our organizational culture. We call ourselves creative digital marketing professionals in Nepal, who love creating new milestones and breaking stereotypes. We believe risk taking is essential in this dynamic digital world. Inhouse platforms like Weekly team huddle, Inside FEAT (all about FEAT) and Kurai Kura (podcast series) gives the team members to have an organizational as well as individualistic approach. We are not afraid to shape our own organizational culture and create structures that optimize our services as well as delivery and give, the TEAM of FEAT a career accelerating platform.

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