Influencer Marketing in Nepal? It's Easy If You Know How to Do It!

Influencer Marketing in Nepal? It's Easy If You Know How to Do It!

Digital marketing is the present and the future of marketing. With the world turning more and more digital, traditional marketing has taken the backseat. Any marketing that is done on a digital platform or online is called digital marketing. There are different verticals of digital marketing from social media marketing to SEO for a website, influencer marketing to paid ads. In this particular article, we will be discussing ‘Influencer Marketing and its scope in Nepal.’ 

What is Influencer Marketing? 

Before we dive deep into what influencer marketing is, we first need to know who influencers are. With the rise in digital spaces, a lot of creators are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Influencers are individuals who have garnered loyal followers and have the power of influencing other individuals’ opinions, thoughts, and choices. They have a wide audience and have people who look up to them, their work, and their beliefs. Such people have the power of affecting the audience's opinions, which in the marketing world, we call purchase intentions. The collaboration between such influencers and brands for the promotion of their product or services is called influencer marketing. 

History of Influencer marketing in Nepal 

Influencer marketing in Nepal is a very newly termed coined but the concept is not completely new. Previously, brands would collaborate with celebrities or other famous people to promote their products. They would be the face of the brand and would be called Brand ambassadors. Throughout the years, different celebrities have endorsed several different brands. So, in a way celebrity endorsement existed even before influencer marketing as a whole was introduced in Nepal.  
Influencer Marketing is a hybrid of both traditional and digital marketing. In influencer marketing, influencers endorse or suggest a product to their followers and community. While the endorsement can be done both traditionally like in newspapers, pamphlets etc. and digitally by using social media platforms. Hence, why influencer marketing is a blend of traditional and digital marketing. 

Influencer Marketing can be done in numerous ways depending on the niche industry, brand, product, and influencer content. In today’s marketing industry, digital marketing has outpaced traditional marketing. Thus, in this article, we will be more focused on digital influencer marketing. 

Digital Influencer Marketing In The Context of Nepal 

Albeit quite new for the Nepali market, influencer marketing has been growing at a fast pace in Nepal. Influencers in different niches have increased as well. Brands have also been more open to working with influencers. Throughout the last few years, a lot of digital marketing agencies have been providing influencer marketing services to brands, both big and small. In fact, we can see influencers promoting brands on their pages every other day. This goes out to show that influencer marketing in Nepal is thriving and will continue to do so in each growing year.  
One major influencer campaign that got a huge response from the audience was Coca-cola Nepal. The campaign was of ‘Jigree Coke’, a smaller version of bottled coke. Big influencers of the time, such as Asmi Shrestha, Subekshya Khadka, and Oshin Sitaula were a part of this campaign. Two videos by each influencer were released on their social media pages which at that time were Instagram and Facebook.  This campaign was the talk of the town for quite a bit and created huge awareness for the new launch. 

In recent, FEAT International did a Tiktok jingle campaign for Fonepay. The campaign was named ‘This Year For QR’ and had leading influencers dancing on the beat released through Fonepay’s official channel. The jingle was sung by Indira Joshi and had influencers like Simpal Kharel, Subani Moktan, Kabita Nepali, and Amar-Amrit dancing to the jingle. The main purpose of this campaign was to encourage Fonepay users to use QR to transfer funds. After the successful launch of the campaign, the number of transactions made through QR increased by more than 50%. Likewise, the jingle also became massively popular on TikTok.  

Why use Influencer Marketing in Nepal 

Influencer marketing has a bunch of benefits on its own and with a growing market like Nepal, its effectiveness cannot be undermined. Some major benefits are as follows:

1. Better Brand Awareness 

Influencers are people with loyal followers and an engaging community. When they endorse a product on their social media channels it is seen, known, and talked about by several of the general public that follow the influencer. They will actively seek out the product that the influencer endorsed, increasing the brand visibility and awareness. 

For example,  Lemi Tamang, a popular make-artist turned entrepreneur launched her own makeup line called Pastel Beauty at an event. Most of the beauty influencer community was invited to the launch and when all of them posted about the event as well as the product review, the general public was instantly talking about it everywhere and even buying one for themselves.

2. Increase in Sales 

It’s human nature to be influenced by the things and people that we love and adore. When any influencer endorses a product or a service as a good one, the loyal community that they have are sure to try the product or service out for themselves, increasing sales as a result.

3. Increasing Brand Credibility 

Brand credibility is built over time with a good base of customers and good reviews. When an influencer talks about how good a certain product or service is, it increases the brand's credibility immediately. The community that an influencer builds over time believes that the influencer will only endorse good products, hence, it increases the brand visibility & sales, resulting in an increase in brand credibility.

4. Higher ROI 

If a brand has nailed its influencer marketing strategy, its ROI is going to be much more than any other form of marketing. With good influencer marketing strategy, brands can have increased sales, awareness, credibility, customers and good reviews. In a true sense, Influencer Marketing is an investment and not an expense for any company. 

Things You Need to Consider While Doing Influencer Marketing in Nepal 

Influencer Marketing in Nepal can be very fruitful for any brand, given the fact that the correct strategies are in place. While making influencer marketing strategy there are various factors to be considered. Here are some of them:

1. Choosing the Right Influencer 

While choosing influencers, brands should be very mindful of who they choose. Often, brands choose influencers who do not have any similar audience with the brand’s targeted audience and hence miss out on the engagement they could have got with the right influencer.  

For example: If a fashion brand is doing influencer marketing, they should be choosing an influencer who is making content of the same niche instead of something else. That way they will reach the right audience, which will give them maximum return on investment.

2. Engagement Rate 

Different influencers have different engagement rates. Some might have a great engagement rate but less followers, while some might have huge followers but less engagement rate. One mistake that a lot of brands make is going for influencers who have high followers but no engagement to back it up. When looking for influencers' brands should put equal focus on engagement as well. Not doing so can end up with an unsuccessful campaign where the budget is wasted.

3. Doing Background Checks 

Doing thorough research of the influencers that you will be working with is very important.  When a brand works with an influencer, they become representatives for the brand as well. If the influencer that the brand works with is involved in any controversies or if the influencer holds a view point that the brand does not support, the whole positioning and the brand image might be jeopardized.

4. Giving Creative Freedom 

One major key factor for the success of an influencer marketing campaign is giving the influencer creative freedom. Each influencer has a different style of content creation. As a brand, if we take that away, the content and their engagement suffer. Giving them a brief and letting them do their own thing is the way to get the best out of the influencers you choose.

5. Having a Clear Purpose 

As a brand, we should be clear about the purpose of the campaign. Different purpose needs different CTAs and different CTAs bring in different results. Having a clear purpose will help influencers plan their content better and as a brand, we will have an easier time setting KPIs to know whether the campaign is a hit or a miss.  

Why Feat International for Influencer Marketing in Nepal 

Influencer marketing is very tricky. There are several things to be considered. From finding the right influencers to giving them the correct briefs, if any of the steps go wrong, all the campaign will go in vain. So, if your brand wants an influencer campaign which is sure to be a hit, FEAT is where you should be. We, Feat International, a digital marketing agency in Nepal, study your brand, find the right influencers for you, and make sure your influencer campaign is a success.  

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