5 Reasons Why Fintech Business in Nepal Needs SEO 

5 Reasons Why Fintech Business in Nepal Needs SEO 

Before we dive deep into the reasons why Fintech Industry in Nepal needs SEO, let’s talk about what Fintech is. The dictionary definition of Fintech is ‘computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services.’ 

Fintech, otherwise, also known as Financial Technology, combines technology and financial services. It’s a broad phrase that consists of different technological advancements in the financial sector. For example, point of sales systems, payment gateways, digital banks, digital wallets, cryptocurrencies, and many more. 

In Nepal, Fintech is a thriving industry with new businesses growing by leaps and bounds. At the time of writing Nepal is home to around 70 fintech startups. According to Statista.com, there were around 4.6 million users of Digital financial services in 2017. This number is expected to rise to 17.61 million by 2026.   

Based on the news published in The Kathmandu Post on June 14, 2022, digital payments also nearly doubled in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. According to Nepal Rastra Bank, the country's central bank, this began in mid-July 2021, owing to a rise in the number of people adjusting to online payment. In the first three months of the fiscal year (mid-July to mid-October), turnover reached Rs 1.22 trillion, up from Rs 630.85 billion in the previous fiscal year.  

The statistics show that business is booming, but competition is undoubtedly fierce. This is where SEO comes in. Fintech SEO consists of strategies that boost organic traffic to websites and organizations which use technology to provide financial services. One major aim of Fintech SEO is increasing the Google ranking of financial institutions’ websites and products. 

And here are five additional reasons why the Fintech Industry needs SEO:

1. Identify the Correct Audience 

Fintech SEO will assist businesses in reaching out to their intended audience. People nowadays commonly use Google to look for answers to their problems. So, if someone is looking for financial solutions, they will most likely Google it. Having your Fintech company appear on Google's main page will help you reach out to more people who are looking for your services. Some intended audiences for any fintech company could be businessmen, bankers, journalists, students, digital marketers, or even startup companies. Having good SEO will redirect these potential target audiences to your Fintech company and help them get the information they are looking for.

2. Educating the general public on the Fintech Industry 

A good Fintech approach can educate its target audience. Technical words of the Fintech Industry can be hard to understand for the general audience. Aside from that, audience might also find it hard to navigate around the digital apps. To tackle this issue your website can have articles, blogs, or video tutorials for the audience to find their way through the complex apps. This will help in bringing in new clients as well as reaching out to new ones by educating them.  

3. Generate New Leads in Business 

A good Fintech SEO will help you generate leads in the long run. If you utilize the right SEO strategies, your brand could end up on Google's first page. If your website is on the first page, people looking for financial services will eventually find it. Similarly, high-quality material on your website will aid the search engine in recognizing it and matching it to the client's query. This will aid in the recruitment of new leads as well as the retention of existing ones. For example, a startup company led by a group of people are trying to start their business in fintech. What they do is either take suggestions from experienced person or they go to Google and start researching fintech related business. Thus, if your company’s webpage is well optimized and has done good SEO, you will appear on the top of every search query related to fintech. With this, a user will get the right information he/she shall be looking to established a startup in financial technology. Once the user gets redirected to your website, you’ll have a new lead. 

4. Redirect Users to Right Landing Page 

Fintech Industry in Nepal is still booming. Everyone is still learning about it. So, they could have numerous questions about numerous fintech terms and technologies. If a fintech brand website can draft a FAQ section of their website using good SEO practice, it will help the brand in listing on the first page of Google search.  

In the context of Nepal, the most commonly searched keyword for Fintech business is Fintech Nepal, Fintech Business Nepal, Fintech Business Nepal, etc. These keywords are however not landing on the right pages as the user’s intended search. Hence, here is where we can see how a good SEO strategy is needed to land those keywords on the correct landing page. If your fintech website can implement a good SEO, the audience will get redirected to your website where they can get the right information.

5. Create a User Community on the Internet 

Since Fintech companies deal with sensitive financial information of the general public, people must trust the brand. Without the trust of the community members, a fintech brand cannot grow. To develop this trust fintech brands must regularly upload SEO Optimized content that the general public can have access to. Adding to that having verified content and regularly updating SEO-optimized content will help build authenticity. With the regular update of authentic content, we can gain new users and retain them back to our website for any fintech related queries. In this way, we can continuously grow the number of users and build a community of users. 

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