15 Minutes Daily Huddle To Scale Up Your Business

15 Minutes Daily Huddle To Scale Up Your Business

The daily team huddle (known as 15 minutes stand-up meeting) is the most powerful and effective meeting which you should conduct in your office. The significance of a team huddle starts with sharing the good news followed by the work priorities and required help from the team members to operate the activities.   

The daily huddle makes teamwork transparent and accountable whereas it has become a platform for team members to understand what’s going on with each other in their professional and personal life. Not only this, but the team members should also focus on their actions toward the company goals. 

Everyone gets the chance to speak within a certain timeframe which allows more participation in the team huddle, it should be done among the whole team members or each department can have their team huddle differently just within their team members. It creates an environment for the team members to share their energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. 

The morning huddle is impactful in terms of checking for the management team on what’s going wrong with their team members and what needed to be worked on. The chain of communication remains on track and each of them gets well informed on the work they have been doing. This has created a site to know about each other, usually, we don’t interact with each colleague daily but team huddles has given an opportunity to find out about the teammates.  

In FEAT International, it was a new activity for the team members to participate in the daily team huddle. In the young team of more than 30 people, it was a tough job to hold the attention and patience of each individual to make them part of the huddle. This is why we choose to conduct the huddle initially twice a week, added new things like a small physical activity, changing the moderator every day, which shall encourage the team members to gather in the morning and slowly with the time the team has shown their interest and shared their ideas on the improving the huddles patterns.  

The possible changes we have seen through the team huddle in my team were:  

1. Transparency in daily communication

FEAT International is a digital marketing agency in Nepal where communication plays a key role in delivering services to clients. Through the team huddle, each manager and other team members were aware of which team member is facing a problem in communicating with the client. It has created an environment where there is no gap among the team members in the flow of communication.  

2. Sharing habit

In the team, we have seen people who don’t like to share much about themselves and their work which shall lead to making the team members feel a gap in what is going on in both their personal and professional life. The daily huddle is the best practice to make  the team share their ongoing activities each day.  

3. Bring positive energies

When you gather in a group, each person is sharing their energy. A team huddle is a space where the team is very close with each other in terms of sharing their personal and professional reflection.  

4. Increase the patience

Usually, people don’t have the patience to listen to what others are saying. In a team huddle, its major characteristic is all are listening to each other. It’s an open flat where a team member can add their views and opinion which shall help other to grow and know more.  

5. Developing communication skills

In developing communication skills, initially a person needs to listen and express; but few people don’t know how to express what they feel. The more a person expresses his/her thoughts, ideas, and opinions, one can have a better idea of communicating in the team. We have seen my team have a positive impact on huddles where they are able to build interactive skills and bridge the gap on what they speak. 

With the daily practice of team huddle, FEAT International has fostered productivity and accountability, which has given better outcomes for company growth. There are only a few organizations that have introduced team huddles in their daily work practice in Nepal as it comes from the western idea for scaling up. We suggest every organization should initiate a daily huddle among the team members for achieving excellence through proper communication and cross functionalities in the company.  

Here is how we conduct our daily huddle every day.


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