All the fun of FEAT Carnival! 

All the fun of FEAT Carnival! 

At FEAT, we believe that as much as work is important, having breaks in-between is equally important too. Having a monotonous routine can make us dull and being a creative agency, being dull is not something we want! Hence, to make sure that the creativeness in us flows uninterrupted we decided to have some fun. As a result, FEAT Carnival was organized. Every Wednesday we would do an activity that helped us get refreshed and be in a good mood for the rest of the week.

This carnival helped us in more than one way. While it broke the everyday monotony, it also brought the whole employees of FEAT together. There were four teams that were made and each team showed exemplary communication skills. All of the team members explored their creative sides and, in a way, grew together. This bringing together of everyone was our motive and this very motive brought out our tagline, ‘Let’s FEAT together.’ Together in this carnival, we laughed, we made memories and we FEAT together. 

Here are a few glimpses. 

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1st Activity – Canvas Painting 

For the first activity, we had canvas painting. All four teams were given a canvas, acrylic paints, and brushes. Together with their teammates all of them had to paint a painting on the theme of ‘teamwork’. Like the theme itself all four teams showed impeccable teamwork and as a result we had these incredible paintings. All four paintings were equally creative and beautiful.

2nd Activity - Beer Pong 

For the second activity, we played beer pong! All teams at first underestimated how hard it could be to land the ball across the table in the cup. This activity was not as easy as it looks, but we enjoyed it. Here are some happy faces who got more and more drunk with each missed ball.

In this second activity, Team Jolly went home as winners with four balls successfully landing up in the cup.

3rd Activity – Tic Tac Toe Ft. Flip the cup 

The third Activity of FEAT Carnival made us nostalgic. We played everyone’s favorite childhood game, Tic Tac Toe, but with a twist. Mixing up with another game, flip the cup, this third activity brought in a lot of laughter and fun! The pictures of the day are proof of all the fun we had!

Team Funny was the winner of this round!

4th Activity – Spicy Ramen Challenge 

Eating spicy ramen is a skill that very few people have. Eating spicy ramen when it’s piping hot is even more of a bigger skill. In the 4th activity, all of the team went against each other to test the very same skill. It won’t be wrong to say that each representing team member’s blood, sweat, and tears went into this challenge. Nevertheless, it was a fun challenge.  And here are the pictures.

Team Noisy won this round!

5th Activity – Quiz Competition 

Working at a company and knowing the company are two different things! So, in this activity we tested how much our employees actually know about FEAT International and the services we provide, to both brands and the employees. We also tested their knowledge about digital marketing. Overall, it was a fun day and a fun activity! Here are a few glimpses.

6th Activity – Tug of War 

At the river bank of the beautiful Trishuli river we had our 5th Activity, the tug of war. This game of tug of war was a test of not only strength but of strategy as well. Each round brought in a rush of adrenaline in everyone and the chants of the war were worth listening to too. This fifth activity was the perfect end to our carnival. Here’s a glimpse of all the fun we had.

And with the sixth activity came the end of FEAT Carnival. These last few weeks of the carnival were definitely the highlight of our month. Good times and good people are equal to unforgettable memories and we certainly made a lot of them.  



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