6 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing in Nepal Is A Better Choice To Grow Your Business

6 Reasons Why Facebook Marketing in Nepal Is A Better Choice To Grow Your Business

Platforms that allow you to post any form of content for the general public or your friends and family to view and interact with are known as social media. Leveraging the same functions of social media to advertise or market your product to potential customers or the general public is known as social media marketing. There are various forms of social media in the present scenario like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, etc. Each of these social media can be a turning point for brands since they can get exposure, leads, and sales, all through these platforms, if a good marketing strategy is kept in place. In this article, we will go through how we can use social media marketing, specifically, how Facebook marketing can be fruitful for brands in Nepal.  

Established in 2004 the growth of Facebook is no less than legendary. Over the years Facebook has acquired other major social media as well, like Instagram & WhatsApp. META, the parent company of Facebook, is unbeatable but even on its own, Facebook stands as a leading social media that serves small and big brands alike to increase their brand presence, sales, and leads. With a good Facebook marketing strategy, brands can have their customers and audience base increased tenfold.  

Before we begin, let’s discuss what Facebook Marketing is. Like the name itself, Facebook marketing is a digital way of marketing where we leverage Facebook pages, paid ads, communities, and groups to market a brand to its targeted audience. Over the last decade, Facebook has turned itself into one of the most promising platforms for digital marketing. Based on an article by datareportal.com, Facebook has 2.934 billion active users, making it the world’s most ‘active’ social media. With billions of people online, Facebook is one platform where brands' presence needs to be there.  

How to do Facebook Marketing in Nepal?  

According to Online Khabar, there are around 12.30 million Facebook users in Nepal and the number is increasing with each passing day. With a good Facebook marketing strategy, brands can have leads from all over Nepal. Thousands of Nepali brands, small and big, have been successful because of Facebook marketing and the next could be yours. Below-mentioned are the processes how you can get started with Facebook Marketing in Nepal.   

1. Open up a Facebook page  

The initial step in Facebook marketing is opening up a Facebook page. A lot of businesses get confused and open up a Facebook account for their business instead of a page. But the page is what is necessary. Having a business page will help the audience reach out to your business and know more about the product you are selling or the service you are providing. A lot of sales opportunities can come through the business pages if postings are done strategically.  

2. Fill in the necessary details  

Having a page is the first step, but filling in the necessary details of the business is the major step. After creating a business page of the brand, the next step is filling in the details like phone number, email address, business hours, brand logo, etc. Having these details filled up will help people recognize your business as a valid one and creates credibility for your brand.   

3. Set Call-to-action Buttons  

Facebook pages give you the option of setting call-to-action buttons in each post that you make. Whether your goal is to get more messages through WhatsApp or Messenger or to redirect the audiences to your website, you can put in a call-to-action button. This encourages the general audience to take action when they come across your post. Facebook also gives you the same option of setting the CTA buttons in the brand profile. When any new customer opens up your brand profile, they can see your CTA button which can encourage them to send a message or inquiry.   

4. Set up a shop in the marketplace  

Facebook gives business pages the option of setting up an online shop. If your business is selling products, it is suggested that we list the products in the marketplace for sale. Facebook Marketplace has the outlook of an e-commerce site. Each upload is called a listing and each listing has the price, product description, location, and delivery service mentioned in the post. We can also put multiple pictures of the product. Interested people can leave a text or also have the option of calling in to buy the products. So, after a page setting up a shop in the marketplace is a must.  

5. Consistent Posting  

Consistency is the key when it comes to Facebook marketing. As a brand page, we must draft a strategy that creates a road map on how we can get leads as well as increase brand awareness in the audience. The strategy should define the number of posts, videos, stories, etc. to be posted on which days and at which time. Having a consistent posting schedule will help keep the audience engaged and the brand page active.  

6. Set up Paid Facebook Ads  

One of the major services that Facebook provides for businesses and brands is its paid ad feature. Business pages as per their needs can set up different Facebook ads that can bring in leads, convert messages, increase brand awareness, increase page likes, etc. However, knowing which ads and in which placement is necessary.  

To manage ads better Facebook also has an Ads manager from where you can directly customize an ad set. With the Ads manager, it’s now easier than ever to run several ads at the same time. Similarly, Facebook also has a Business Suite from where a social media manager can directly schedule or post on Instagram and Facebook at the same time.   

Types of Facebook Ads  

1. Image Ads  

Image ads are the most popular and simple form of ads on Facebook. Brands can sponsor or boost the existing image as an ad. Using a clever copy and a striking image as a sponsored ad is the best way to go through image ads.  

2. Video Ads  

Video Ads show your service or products in action. Through video ads, brands can show the usage of their products, the aesthetics of the products, or simply their function. It can be placed in the newsfeed, stories, or in-between video playbacks. A good video ad can do wonders for your brand.  

3. Stories Ads  

Both images and videos can be used for story ads. Story ads help in redirecting your targeted audience to your brand website and help in increasing sales or for just brand awareness as well. It’s a good option if you are looking for something cost-effective.  

4. Carousel Ads  

Carousel ads are one of the Facebook ad formats that combine multiple videos or images into a single ad. Facebook’s Carousel Ads allows 10 photos or videos in a single ad to display your brand’s product or service. Moreover, Carousel Ads are one of the most popular ad formats on both Facebook and Instagram. In this ad format, you can highlight various features of a single product or a number of products which is why it is more visually appealing and interactive.  

5. Collection  

Collection is an ad format where a brand can list several products together. When someone interacts with the collection format, which includes many products, it launches as an Instant Experience. Clients can use their phones to visually and fully explore, shop, and buy things.  

Why use Facebook Marketing in Nepal?  

Facebook Marketing has a lot of perks and to enjoy their brands need to jump on the bandwagon of Facebook marketing at all costs. Here are a few perks to enjoy!  

1. Wider Audience Yet Cost-Effective  

Nepal being among the least digitally populated countries, the usage of social media is praise worthy here. And Facebook surpasses every other social media till today. TikTok could be the next. Nevertheless, it is still the top used digital platform. People spend most of their time on Facebook. With 12.30 million active userbase, it won’t be wrong to say that it was and still is the popular social media in Nepal with the widest audience reach and engagement. 

Facebook offers various target options like age group, demographic, interest, location, and behavior, while running ads. It's a great advantage to help brands or products to reach out wide as well as niche audience even with a limited budget, which will definitely turn out very convenient for both small and large businesses. 

2. Increase brand awareness  

With Facebook marketing’s paid ad feature, both small and big brands run a campaign to increase their brand awareness. Moreover, Facebook provides the facility where you can create an ad with the brand awareness objective and reach out to new people who are likely to be interested in your business. Additionally, you can also boost the existing image/video or the whole page itself and can also redirect potential customers to their website and increase website traffic. Facebook Marketing’s paid advertisements provide a facility where you can directly reach out to a specific group of Facebook users.  

Likewise, you can also increase your brand’s overall exposure through successful content marketing. You can create content that is specifically designed to attract an audience on Facebook, and thus will be shared among many members. This eventually draws consumers back to your brand.   

3. Good for both B2B and B2C businesses  

B2B also called business-to-business is a form of transaction that is conducted between companies. While B2C, also called business-to-consumer is the process of selling products and services directly between a business and consumers. B2C companies utilize Facebook to drive traffic to their website, generate sales and build brand reputation. While B2B businesses use Facebook for generating leads. Facebook marketing is good for both B2B businesses and B2C businesses. With the right targeting, ad format, messaging, and off-Facebook user experience, Facebook has become a gold mine for all kinds of businesses and service providers.  

For both businesses, Facebook ads offer robust targeting opportunities which can be used to create campaigns that build awareness, boost traffic, generate leads, or drive conversions. Although B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn, Facebook offers the right tools to reach out to your target audiences and scale up for an impactful outreach. Having the right Facebook marketing strategies, both B2B and B2C businesses can widen their bases and increase revenue.  

4. Inside Analytics  

While running ad campaigns on Facebook, it provides detailed analytics. Thus, by looking at detailed analytics, we can analyze which ad is running well and which is not. Comparing Facebook marketing with traditional marketing, Facebook helps to keep track of every ad campaign. This inside analytics helps in running ad campaigns even more effectively and helps in retargeting the consumers as well. Moreover, Facebook provides a feature called Facebook Pixel which can track customer action and optimize conversions.  

Facebook analytics help you to keep track of reach and engagement for the budget spent. It also provides detailed analytics on which geo-location, age group, etc. ads are performing well. By analyzing these characteristics of the audience, we can forecast the budget for future ad campaigns. While traditional marketing fails to provide in-depth analysis, these are some perks because which you and your brand should absolutely try out Facebook Marketing.  

5. Drive Traffic Directly to Your Site  

With Facebook, you can directly drive traffic to your website by optimizing your profile to do so. You can add your website link to the ‘About Us' section of the page. Additionally, you can also use the CTA button on your page to directly drive traction to your website. Uploading quality content and putting up CTA that leads to your website can also drive traffic to it.  

6. Competitor Targeting  

With Facebook businesses, you can also run ads targeting the competitor’s customers. Simply enter the competitor's name in the Interests tab, along with your location and any other information, then click "Create Audience" to target their audience. From that point forward, whenever you create a Facebook or Instagram ad in Facebook Ads Manager, you'll have access to this saved audience.

FEAT International for Facebook Marketing  

For any campaign to work well, it is necessary that a proper strategy is kept into place. Without a good strategy, the ad campaigns might not yield the expected results. To make sure that you get the results as expected, entrust the responsibilities to FEAT International.  

FEAT INTERNATIONAL Pvt. Ltd. is a sales navigator and a strategic partner to your business through 360-degree marketing. We aim to be South Asia's leading digital marketing agency and help accelerate businesses via digital promotions in Nepal and beyond. As a digital marketing agency, Feat International has been providing strategic Facebook marketing to its clients like fonepay, eSewa, Car Hamro, WorldLink, etc.

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