Desperate time calls for Digital Marketing!

Desperate time calls for Digital Marketing!

The guardians of originality amongst you might argue it’s “Desperate time calls for desperate measures.” And you are right. But amidst the ongoing COVID enforced pandemic and the ensuing lockdown and its impact, companies are increasingly turning to digital marketing as a way to cope up with desperate times.

There can be few doubts if any that these are desperate times. But amidst all these difficulties, companies saw a ray of hope in Digital Marketing. No matter what the situation, companies are always attempting to get on top of their customer’s heads. Henry Ford put it right when he said “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.”

And companies in Nepal, large and small, seem to have taken to this mantra by heart. As companies saw the irrelevance of many traditional marketing efforts, they seamlessly switched to digital. Although there are not many statistics available, it is easy to notice that companies have increased their budget in digital marketing.

Just think about all the ads that you see on your screens every day. Be it in the form of a social media post in your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed or in your email as a newsletter. Even your everyday online news portals are filled with interesting ads are every day.

While it is virtually impossible to list all the different ways Nepali companies are putting digital marketing to use, let’s try to explore some of the reasons why desperate times call for digital marketing.

Your mobile screen is lockdown proof.

For starters, no other channel is as lockdown-proof as your screens. Even when people’s movements are restricted, mobile phones keep running. Be it for gaming or social media; internet surfing or communicating, people are glued to mobile phones like never before. And companies are making use of this lockdown-proof medium to stay on top of their customer’s heads or even sell their products and services.

Increased smartphone and internet penetration.

According to Data Reportal, 42.85 million Nepalese had a mobile connection, 10 million Nepalese used social media, and about 10.21 million Nepalese used the internet in January 2020. The ever-rising figure is likely to rise even more in the coming days paving an even more fertile ground for companies to reach their customers.

Plenty of ways to present your communication material

Digital marketing provides plenty of choices for companies to show their presence at a relatively low cost. From a simple conceptual static to a story-based carousel to an interactive GIF or a video, the options that you can present your communication material is plenty. Add to that the interactive filters, rich text messages and stickers from Viber, the relatively unexplored AR/VR animation, and the way you can present your communication are virtually countless.

Countless channels for product placement.

Furthermore, the number of channels that you can place your ad provides you with so many options. And Nepalese customers seem to be everywhere. TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Viber, LinkedIn, Reddit—well, you name the channel, and you will find Nepalese there. Add different websites, blogs, vlogs, and apps, and again the options for product placement are plenty.

Option for every pocket size.

Whether you have millions in your coffers or just a couple of thousand as a marketing budget, you can opt for digital marketing and make your presence felt to your core audience. Just look at startups like Fibro, Offering Happiness, and Foodmario, which seemed to have carved out a niche via digital marketing. Compare them with the likes of telco’s, manufacturers, and the A-class commercial banks, and you get the picture.

Digital marketing in Nepal, in terms of both adoption rate and the average spending by companies, is rising like never before during the COVID enforced pandemic. And given its advantages, although digital marketing was looked at as a way to counter desperate times in the beginning, is likely to stay. 


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